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About Erick

An Alt/Prog/Indie Rock artist whose emphatic focus on detail and ability to execute highly technical passages is contrasted by his soulful feel, voice and versatile musical expression.

  • 70k+ views on his top Instagram video
  • Mentioned on MoreFM Northland’s John, Flash & Toast show

With previous projects, he:

  • Performed live at the Miss South Africa beauty pageant (100k+ viewers)
  • Performed at Wacken:Open:Air music festival in Germany
  • Has opened for many international acts including Daughtry, 36 Crazyfists, Monuments, Protest The Hero, Memphis May Fire and more.
  • Won national awards for “Best Album”, “Best Core Band” and “Best Album”

- Jesse Clegg

International Platinum-Selling Artist

Latest Release

Tear Down Rebuild

Tear Down, Rebuild (single)

"Tear Down, Rebuild" is a powerful and introspective song that captures the essence of self-discovery and transformation. The lyrics describe a journey of breaking away from a confining path and seeking a new direction, even at the cost of uncertainty and struggle. With a sound that blends the raw energy of Twenty One Pilots, the anthemic quality of Imagine Dragons, and the intricate guitar work inspired by Jakub Zytecki, this track offers a compelling mix of intensity and reflection. The repeating motif of "tear down, rebuild" encapsulates the theme of letting go of the familiar to find inner strength and forge a new identity.

Released: 21 June 2024
Format: Digital Streaming (all major platforms)

Debut Release

Stay cover art

Stay (single)

"Stay" navigates the complexities of personal insecurities and the healing grace of a loving relationship. Combining Pop-like melodies with undertones of Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Prog Rock, and Electro Rock, the song embodies Erick's diverse musical influences as well as technical prowess.

Released: 19 April 2024
Format: Digital Streaming (all major platforms)




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